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Since 2014 Maíra Dietrich copies the first 10 spreads of every new notebook, this protocol condenses a gesture that freezes on time the tabula rasa feeling in front of the peaceful, mysterious, speechless, free territory of a blank page.

I started this series while still living in brasil, where the copy shops doesn’t work on self-service basis, and the negotiation with employees turned out to be one of the most important moments of this work, the stage of my best statements about it. Seems like the idea ok copying notebook pages deprived of written language was not only useless but almost offensive for them. I ended up wining together with the insistency and my so mocked ‘they are not the same’.

Independently of the notebook’s specificities all the copies follow the same set of rules: black and white, one side only, copies of the first 10 spreads, fitting an A4 or A3, staples on top left side.
all sealed with a colorful sticker holding the mission’s logo in dry relief, attesting it’s originality.