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five months by Maíra Dietrich is a publication developed for my bachelor degree in 2012, a printed space whose only subject is its own time of existence and execution.
Depending on the demand the new copies are made by the artist.

constructing an ending

five months is a flat zone that shelters and arranges different moments of my work process. a space whose single will is its own time of existence and execution. permeating earlier works, preconceived concepts, understood concepts, aborted concepts, good days, bad days and almost all the rest. it can’t be perceived as a themeless work, on the contrary, i live, nearly everyday, a different theme, the core has dissolved. a bit of all and none.
it’s a more of a lived than rendered work, made in an interval where many things mingled. the work was built with loose sheets, journeys, thousands of corrections in search of better words, mostly through negation rather than approval. to live the work and talk about it as an exercise of compilation when it still resides in an unnamable place. in like manner,
an invisible brick building, where each brick must sit on top of each other.
the conclusion seems to want to utter about a ‘closing agreement’, distinct from an ending which is the end, period. explanations about the choices of the pieces, the chapter titles and the reason for all of this may be found in every, or other places, except this print. the work sought to juxtapose inverse procedures that come to naught, either by subtracting layers of matter, or by the appearance of a new authoritarian layer. pretentiously pursued a scraping of all the uninteresting layers of signification, through the obsession that ground zero would be the only possibility to create something new.
i ended up scraping to many layers, what was left was too little. the work is not just myself, nor only the other; we are both ventriloquists, neither completely myself.